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See my work on the Game of Thrones Season 2 Bluray

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    Cool, I get mine on Wednesday.
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      very awesome. how did you land that gig. did you know someone?
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        Is this an US only feature or will these be part of the worldwide releases?
        My wife and I are pretty hooked on the show anyway, but with an extra like this I would consider buying that sh*t.

        Congrats, and condolences about the credit thing. I think it's a crime not to show any names for such an effort.
        But I believe you you did this
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          50% awesome. Looking forward to hearing what people think of them.

          Angelthread, a producer from the production company saw my work on this site, then went to my website and then contacted me about my interest in working on this project. And I definitely wasn't going to pass it up.

          Pete, as far as I know it's part of the world wide bluray release but couldn't tell you for sure. But that is my assumption.

          Here's another one of mine...

          See my work on Game of Thrones seasons two, three and four blurays


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