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  • [Wanted ($)] Comic book artist 20 pqges

    This is for a companion comic book to be released along with series#1 of Creepy Scarlett.

    It will tell the story of the character Pumpkinface and how he came to be. Set in late Victorian era on Halloween it is a tale of loss and violent revenge that leads to the character becoming Pumpkinface.

    The schedule and pay is set according to my situation and that the main comic has priority of production.

    One page per week, or occasionally per two weeks.
    page rate for pencils and inks is $23.50
    There will be $50 bonus upon completion plus all profits from digital sales up to $100

    Below is the character and link to the creepy Scarlett site where you can see more of what we're doing and also download issue#1 for free and a preview of issue#2.

    you can reply here or email at [email protected]

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