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Instruments of Darkness gearing up for kickstarter!

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  • [Hype!] Instruments of Darkness gearing up for kickstarter!

    Hello my name is Nathan Slack and im the creator and writer for the dark fantasy series, Instruments of Darkness: Ghosts of the Great Forest.

    Some of you may have seen my posts before and are firmilar with what i'm doing. I've been at this a while now and me and my artist Stephane are capitalising on a lull in his contractual obligations to work on our project.

    This Summer we start our kickstarter campaign for funding of the first book which is 100 pages of awesome detailed art and a wicked story of early Native American tribes and the demon spawn that live amoung them. Vampires rule the city state of Chitchen Itza deep in the Yucatan and revel in blood and slaughter.

    Its a dark story with a gritty feel, vampires, werewolves and artefacts of magic and i'm really excited about finally getting something in my hands!

    Check out our facebook page and if you like what you see, show us some love and like our page and look out for our kickstarter.

    We can't do this with out you!

    Instruments of Darkness. 276 likes. A story that travels through time, from ancient Mexico to Dark Ages Europe to modern day Los Angeles. A story of vampires, demons, the precious knowledge and...

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