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Looking for an artist interested in illustrating the SHADOWFACE web-comic.

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  • Looking for an artist interested in illustrating the SHADOWFACE web-comic.

    I am okay at artwork, i'm not going to lie, i'm a writer, not an artist, i carry around "how-to" books wherever i go just to manage what i'm working on now for the web-comic... this is what i have fully 100% done.

    as you can see, good, but not great. not what i'm looking for...
    some artists drew my original character in last weeks "weekly sketch group..."

    These were the top three styles i liked, the animated but actiony style (my personal favorite)
    By scmarooney...

    This high volume realistic action style with slight animation feel...
    By D.I.S.

    And this IN YOUR FACE live-action style
    by Veritas71

    All three artists were contacted to see if interested, but only one responded, and i understand, it would be a bit of a hassle, especially if you have job, or school, believe me i know, i'm extremely worried about the quality of my work decreasing because my job and school get in the way...

    The plot line is very new and strange to comics, especially web-comics, this is no humor comic...

    I wont send a full script to anyone unless they contact me interested , but rest assured its done for the first couple of months at least...

    Interested artists will be required to draw a sketch of the character based on this description i wrote for the Weekly sketch group...

    The character's name is SHADOWFACE, he has no superhero style costume, just a solid gray hoodie with a graffiti style "S" in the center, he wears a solid black mask, with large, round, glowing yellow eyes that cover nearly half of the mask, he wears his hood over his head. on his back, he wears a futuristic looking jetpack, solid black, with two yellow, glowing circles.
    he has metal cufs that go halfway up his upper arm, slanted on the upper side, they too have two glowing yellow circles, as well as cuffs on his upper and lower legs, which look very similar. he wears solid black gloves.
    unmasked, he has bright blonde hair, and is about 18 to 20 years old.

    Nothing remarkable fancy is needed, i just need to se your style, post them on this forum, i will contact who i like best... and now i answer the question every artist must ask...

    Does it Pay????

    let me put it this way, not yet but there is guaranteed pay if the comic becomes a success and i sell enough products to split profits, please note, i'm doing this for fun, and will only take 1/3 of whatever profits we make in order to help publicise and continue the comic, if not, i'll pay you somehow... take it from a message i sent to an artist i was interested in...

    Scripts will be delivered Via email for a new entire week every Wednesday and Sunday.
    Not gonna lie, it would start off with no pay at first, but i'm using my job money to help support my mom and siblings right now, and when we get on our feet i should be able to pay small fee, maybe only about 100 a week at first, but all profits from the SHADOWFACE web store which i will get set up soon will be split 1/3 for me, 2/3 for you. because i think artists have it WAY harder than writers, i know, I've been working on old SHADOWFACE for nearly 5 years now, and have to work hard because i have writing skills, not art skills, literally i have to carry around Stan Lee's HOW TO DRAW COMICS every where i go, its a hassle, and that's why i'm looking for an artist.
    between school and work, its just getting to be too much.

    it will be one page every two days, one a day if it becomes a success, it will begin as black and white if you choose to do it that way, color would be fantastic, considering your color skills, but still.

    There will be a couple of costume changes for the character, (e.g. the S on his chest) not too big of a problem.

    I understand if your not interested, and appreciate your time, but if you are interested, you can reach me by PM on this site, or the contacts below.

    Email: [email protected] (personal)
    [email protected] (comic book business email)
    Or you can reach me at 940-***-****.

    and there you have it folks! I would absolutely LOVE it if an artist came on board with me, and i hope someone can!

    Peace out.

    Joshua Potts.
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    Hi Joshua, we have sub forum for this type of advertisement.

    I will say to any artist, that is doing work for free is probly not a good idea if you are trying to make it your profession. Even if it's 1 dollar a page, it's best to start trying to get money for your hard work.

    Got to remember it may have taken you 10 hours to draw the page, but it took your whole life to get there.

    And on the writers side if your hire an artist for free, you will probly never get your comic out because there really is no acountability.
    You are almost guaranteed the artist will flake out at some point.

    If its just for fun tho, then rock on. =)
    “Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.” ― Andy Warhol


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      Oh, thanks! yeah, i'm aware it will be difficult to get an artist willing to just do it for the lulz if you'll pardon my anon, but i need someone like this to help me get this project to take off, if they are willing to take some time out of their day for this fun little chance...

      i will be able to use my tax refund money to pay at least a small signing fee... probably not big at all, most of its going towards more copyright and the site, but enough to at least give some insurance that there will be more to come.
      I can't think of anything clever to put here...hi?


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        I stumbled on this because I am a writer working on something as well, but I just wanted to should probably edit your original post and take out the ShadowFace story. I know you're eager to tell it, but you just put it out there and now anyone can take from it. That story should be between you and the artist. Just trying to make sure it's not taken. As for your need of an's going to be difficult without any monetary motivation. You may want to invite an artist to very careful who you choose. Together you can make a plan. Good luck.


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          Thanks man, but i do have a copyright, but i'll still edit it out.
          I can't think of anything clever to put here...hi?


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            I got my artist guys!!! thanks for taking time to read!
            I can't think of anything clever to put here...hi?


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              Glad you found an artist!
              Hope it all works out.
              Post updates from time to time so we can see how it's going.



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                I will...thanks to artist neddypoteddy for getting some preview art ready...keep in mind these are not finals...

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                I can't think of anything clever to put here...hi?


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                  Top one was an older concept...middle is concept art...i was just testing my new gimp software on the bottom don't criticize me
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                  I can't think of anything clever to put here...hi?


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