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Artist Needed for Comic Collaboration and Pitching

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  • [Wanted] Artist Needed for Comic Collaboration and Pitching

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for an artist who is interested in working with me to develop a story that will be pitched to a few comic companies. This project already has a premise and an envisioned look and feel that we would be working off of.

    I do have comic writing and pitching experience. I am the writer/creator of the comic No West to Cross which has been well received by places such as,, and

    Currently, I am looking for someone (A penciler. Preferably one that can ink their own work) who is very serious about breaking into the comic industry. The project will require a lot of concept art, character design, and other designs prior to actually doing pages for the comic. As the artist you will need to to all of the above. Please do not apply if you cannot commit to the project. Again, this will be collaborative, so your input on character design ideas as well as overall ideas would be required as well. In the end we will be pitching a 3-5 issue mini series. The pitching process will happen as issue 1 is nearing its half-way completion point.

    There is no pay. This project is only for artist who want to try and break into the industry and really put forth a lot of effort to help get this comic off the ground. You do not need any publishing credits or anything of that nature, all you need is a great portfolio and be easy to work with.

    If the comic does get picked up the artist would be expected to complete the rest of the issues in the mini-series.

    For an idea on some of what has influenced the ideas of this comic, take a look at the list below:

    -Persona4 (and to a lesser extent Persona 3)
    - Avatar the Last Airbender
    - Firefly
    - The Umbrella Academy (Both Apocalypse Suite and Dallas)

    If you are interested in this project, please send me links to your art at [email protected]

    Again, only apply if you can commit to the project and are very dedicated and have a strong desire to break into the industry.

    Thank you.
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    Dear Friend, please don´t take wrong what I´m about to write. It´s just an artist´s opinion:

    1. Being commited and love a project is a REASON to pay better to the artist, not an excuse for not paying and getting your idea drawn for free
    2. Artists willing to break into the industry with great skills and portfolios always look for paid jobs. If you were skilled, would you work for free?
    3. When an artist is working on a project for free in order to pitch it to companies and maybe, only maybe get noticed by large companies, he/she is investing much more time and effort than the writer. The writer´s work has all my respect, but it´s much easier to write "hordes of warriors clash on a violent explosion of steel and blood" than to draw it. In any case it should be the artist here the one asking for commitment, and commitment means cash.


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