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  • [Wanted ($)] Color Me Badd - Searching for a Colorist

    Hey folks.

    My name is Danger_Slater and I’m a comic book writer looking for a colorist.

    My artist and I have come up with a 30 issue zombie-themed comic series and are looking to start submitting it places. I have written scripts for the first six issues and outlines for the remaining 24 and the artist has penciled and inked the entire first issue. Basically, we’re ready to go. Our book just needs someone to color it to give it life.

    We are willing to pool some money together to pay you, but as are looking to submit to various publishers, we only need a few pages right now as part of our pitch. Ideally, if you are interested, we would prefer someone who – if/when the comic gets picked up, would be interested in being a part of the creative team on a permanent basis.

    If you are interested in knowing more, please send me an email at

    [email protected]

    Thanks for your time.

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    Hi Danger Slater.
    Maybe it would be helpful to put some sample drawing and the approximate amount of money you have for the pitch.
    Good luck!


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