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With The Earth Above Us now on Kickstarter!

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  • [Hype!] With The Earth Above Us now on Kickstarter!


    The Kickstarter for my personal project "With The Earth Above Us" is now live and I would love for you all to come check out the great rewards that I have going on!

    Besides the book itself, I am offering original pages, t-shirts, commissioned art pieces, etc. and really feel that "With The Earth Above Us" has the ability to hit a wide, all-ages audience. So please spread the word, get in contact with me, and enjoy the page!

    Thanks everyone, and let's make this a great first day!

    And for anyone affected by the storm, hope all is well and that you are on a quick recovery.


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    We had a great first day, yesterday!

    To commemorate, I am offering a full colored mini-print to the first 50 pledges for my project. Check it out here,


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      With only 28 days left within this campaign, and seeing as we are sitting between a modest 10%, this panel from chapter two is a good depiction as to how we are doing so far. The first week is absolutely crucial to the success of any campaign, so please head to the link and support indie art; this is the new way of publishing, so pre order your copy of With The Earth Above Us today!

      And many thanks to those who have already pledged!


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        I have a great article out, written by me, on, providing a little insight into my story/process/inspirations and I'd love to have some fellow comic fans check it out!

        Thanks again and let's keep the momentum going into the next week for my Kickstarter funding.


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          Y're coloring with your track pad? Kudos for your patience.


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            Hmmmm? No way! I have an Intuos4 for coloring/shading, though it certainly does take patience hahaha


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              I thought I saw you using your laptop trackpad to color in the video. It looks like that the way the video is edited.


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                You're 100% correct, for the video (and occasionally when I don't feel like reaching for the tablet) I will use the track pad.

                It must have completely slipped my mind, but you're right.

                Thanks for checking it out, though!


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                  Only 17 days to go for my campaign!

                  Come and snag some cool sci-fi comic art before pledging is fully closed. I am still offering a free colored print to the first 50 backers, so hurry in!



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                    New, new page.

                    Not entirely happy with the angle on this full-spread, though I think that it gives the "isolation" feel that I'm going for the main character. Regardless, I should probably redo this.

                    Also, only 11 more days to go on my Kickstarter, which if I am to hit my funding (about 2k away) I will need a lot of support from other independents looking to spread the word. So if you have a twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc, then let me know if you would be interested in helping me out. Thanks!


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