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  • [Wanted ($)] A magazine for this story?

    Soon this story of mine will be finished. It's 6 pages, no dialog or caption text (to speak of) and it's about (Among other things) the fall and rise of civilisation

    Do someone here know a magazine that would print it? It'll have a price, but not high.
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    Probably it's just me but i can't see the pages just a small weird icon
    Simone Guglielmini


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      Fix that! :-)


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        Originally posted by Caimano View Post
        Probably it's just me but i can't see the pages just a small weird icon
        It wasn't you, it was me...


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          Now I can see it. Very interting style, a sort of Crumb meet Moebius.
          I really don't have good advice for seeling a story though. I was in the same situation with a story of mine done with a PJ friend (Red Fox here) and you know what? it has been hard "sell" it for free!

          However a way I see it's becoming popular is that several Image Comics titles host short story at the end of the book as bonus for the readers. Jay and I did the same, we're hosting short noir stories . If you see a title aligned wit your style and story try to contact the writer and propose it.
          Simone Guglielmini


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            Thanks for the advise. And yeah, Moebius is a great inspiration for me. Iv'e taken a peak at your work - very good stuff! Your perspectives are great!


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