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Post Apocalyptic Graphic Novel (looking for creative team)

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  • [Wanted] Post Apocalyptic Graphic Novel (looking for creative team)

    I am looking for a creative team to help my create a post apocalyptic road journey graphic novel. It dose not matter what you do if I think you could be an asset to what I am doing your welcome to join. I am not going to lie however, a talented artist is the major component I am looking for right now. I am really looking to collaborate I don't want to do all the thinking and i don't want the artist to be constrained by my ideas either. Below is a small synopses of my story. if you are interested in my more detailed layout and script you can email me here:
    [email protected]

    The post apocalypse story would follow the journey of a Peter a former college student, who would be one of the last people you would expect to survive in the post apocalyptic wasteland, but is driven by the need to go back home and back to his family. Along his journey he would meet up with a former solider who would help get Peter out of raider infested St. Louis and later decides to follow Peter because there is nothing left for him in St. Louis. The solider would kind of be the father figure in the story. Later they would meet Peters love interest but I really haven't given to much thought into this yet. there would be gangs of raiders that would be constantly pursuing them and im also thinking about adding remits of the government that would give them problems to maybe the would wander onto on old military base or something. As you can see the possibility are almost endless with what we can do with this.
    I have a another idea but it is not nearly as developed as the above story. If i get a team that is more interested in doing this we can do it instead.

    This is more of a superhero story of sorts. It would follow a recently unemployed average guy who becomes a crime fighter. (haven't figured out if he will have any powers or not.) I was thinking he could maybe be a robin hood figure. One of the first things he would do is take on the city's mob. He could brake into one of the mobs banks or an armored truck and give the money back to the people or something like that. The thing about this story is it is as much about the city itself as the hero. the city would represent both the very best of america and the very worst it would have a little bit if all of americas major cities in it. It would be struck hard by the recession and i want it to really show in the comic it would be very gritty and dark but there would be signs of light and good every know and then. The hero would become a symbol and a shimmer light for people to look up to to realize that there is hope and things will get better.

    Hope to hear from you guys soon and look froward to working with a great team!

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