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Wanting artists and writers to help me creat comic book company

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  • [Wanted] Wanting artists and writers to help me creat comic book company

    This would be a free job for a while until we get our feet off of the ground.

    • I am a 16 year old male that has a chronic illness. My disease is called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. I decided to start the company 1 ½ years ago when a life threatening sickness caught my attention. I realized that I could not take my life for granted.

    • I have been interested in creating a comic book company since I first saw the 1990s X-Men TV show when I was ten. I then started reading the comics.

    Ideas include:

    Moon Hunter: (need ideas for storyline but have powers and love interests down) Powers:
    Super Strength
    Power Ubsorption
    Mystical Properties
    Creates solid constructs from moon like mist
    His love interest is Crystal Ryans who later becomes a villain (The Saga).

    Shadow Man:
    Rain Al Grena was a man in the 2nd century. Not much is known about for his past and his memories were erased. He was murdered at the age of 40 and was resurrected by the great sorceress Arietta Tronto a.k.a. Portal in the 18th century. She thought she could use his soul for great evil but his caring nature stayed through life and death.
    Shadow Manipulation
    Sun Exposure
    Dark Magic

     The Who:
    • Serine Helens is a detective that was horrified at a young age. She watched her parents being murdered in a mysterious way. An inhuman being watched out of the corner of its eye and laughed at the young girl as she ran away. Young Serine Helens was placed in nursing home after nursing home as doctors and psychiatrists thought she was insane. She was finally placed in an orphanage in Russia at the age of 7.This orphanage was not normal. As it trained its young children to be vampire, witch, and magic hunters. As she wanted to decapitate the vampire witch that killed her parents she also watched in horror as the orphanage killed the children that were not fit to be hunters. She ran away, and made a vow to protect both innocent inhuman and humans alike.
    Powers: Expert in hand to hand combat
    Ancient relics give her special abilities

    Please feel free to email me at [email protected] to set up an interview. My name is Brandon Johnson

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    Hello, my name is Brandon Johnson, I am a 16 year old male with a chronic illness called spinal Muscular Astrophy type 1. 2 years ago I went into the hospital with a life threatening sickness for 7 months and came out with a tracheotomy tube. I could not eat or talk for almost 10 months. I now know that I can not take my life for granted. I know this may sound weird and unreal but I wanted to know if you or anyone you know would be willing in creating a comic book company with me. I have many ideas that include ghosts, vampires, superheroes, and aliens.


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