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  • [Hype!] A whole mess of comics over at

    Shameless promotion time: I spend every night, come hell or high water (sometimes both-a high watery hell) drawing comics, original art, fan art, and commissions. I hate promoting. Haaaaate promoting. I'm obviously no salesman, otherwise I would've had some sort of a dramatic hook, like, "You need in your life to make you happy. There's at least a %30 lack of in your life, and by visiting you can remedy that. " I'd probably accompany the hook with stock photography of happy families. Probably.

    Another strategy is link diarrhea, like mentioning that the gallery is here. Or that there's a blog jam packed with obscure talents from the far reaches of Japan, or the ruraliest areas of America. Or that sequentials to five of the twenty six comics I've worked on in my life are up at the comics page. But who clicks all those links? No one, that's who.

    So do what you gotta'. Move on with your life without checking out the page if you must. But only if you absolutely have to. I'm sure you're doing something important.

    Get on with it then! What? You're still reading? What? You'll stop by?
    I knew you would. That's what I like about you. It's that intrinsic sense of awesomeness that not enough people have these days. Like, instinctual awesomeness. Awestinctualness. I think I've got a picture of how happy you'll be around here...somewhere...provided you have a family that is also happy.

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    I checked it all out. I did. I totally did. And I'm glad I did. You've been bookmarked, Sir.


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