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Putting My Comics in Bottles for Ocean Distribution

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  • [Hype!] Putting My Comics in Bottles for Ocean Distribution

    Like everybody making mini-comics, I have trouble with distribution. So I came up with the idea of putting my comics in bottles & putting them in the ocean for distribution. Here's the Kickstarter I'm doing about it.

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    yes! brilliant. I'll try to pledge before time expires.
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      Thanks. I put a $1 pledge now for those in a pinch.


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        I love the side of the idea that sees your comic being discovered 100 years in the future, stuck in a muddy river bank etc ---- but I really think that the actual ACT of throwing dozens (potentially hundreds?) of bottles into the ocean is massively irresponsible.

        I see you have met your target on Kickstarter anyway.............
        Successful kickstarter UPDATE PAGE


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          It actually ends up the response ratio of bottles over the course of just ten years is 70% & I'm sure the discovery ratio is even higher. Which kinda bums me out with the idea of them being around for a hundred years, but also alleviates the littering/pollution end....


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