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  • [Wanted] Writer Looking for Artists for Original Comic Series

    Greetings Humanoids,

    My name is Danger_Slater. I am a professinal writer/novelist who is currently looking to get into comic writing. Though I can write a script like nobody's business, I've been finding it's extraordinarily difficult to break in to the industry without a proper team behind me. Most publishers, it seems, don't just want script-only submissions, but packaged, prepared comic books and teams.

    So that's what I want to do. I'm looking to put together a team.

    I have recently finished writing the 6th (out of 6) issue of an original comic I have created. The 6 books would encompass the first story arc of what could be an ongoing series.

    As for the tone and look, it is a superhero book, a dark comedy/satire along the lines of Ennis or Warren Ellis (with the existentialism of Morrison for good measure because Morrison rules, and honestly, why the **** not?) but a little more on the absurd side (think South Park).
    Artwise, I envision it a little exaggerated and very bright - like Chew or possibly the work of Darick Robertson.

    If you're curious as to the type of tone and the sort of stories I write, feel free to check out my website (or buy my book. That would rock!):

    I should stress, I'm not looking to "hire out" an artist(s). I don't have the money, and honestly, I would want this comic to belong as much to the artists as it belong to me. I'm looking for collaborators. I'm looking for partners. I believe I have the talent, ideas and skills needed to make it in this industry, and I need an equally-talented team to work with me. And to that end, I'm willing to help cultivate and develop my partner(s) ideas as well.

    Let's make some ****in' art!

    If you're interested, send me an email: [email protected] and we'll get to talking and see if we gel.

    Bonus points if you live in New Jersey (Northeastern NJ/NYC area, as that's where I live and that's where the comic takes place).

    Thanks guys.


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