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Wanted - Inker $20 a page, 50 pages

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  • [Wanted ($)] Wanted - Inker $20 a page, 50 pages


    I am looking to get my graphic novel created and have it ready for a colorist.

    It seems each artist is different. Some just pencil then color, some ink then color, some pencil, then ink then color and some pencil and then use a 10 second tutorial like this to turn those pencil lines into ink

    Really, I don't mind how its done as long as it looks good and is ready to go for a colorist. ( If you can tell me what works best, let me know

    My budget is $20 a page ( work ready for colorist ) if that means you pencil then ink, or just pencil, whatever you need to do but it has to be ready for a colorist to color. I realise this is lower than what people get paid for drawing but as this is bulk amount of pages and isnt 5 or a portrait i need a bulk price. ( may lead to second book )

    Genre is: modern day sci-fi, x-files, paranormal, small town ( you gotta love that stuff )

    Style of graphic novel will be percy jackson

    Will appeal to those seeking to expand portfolio and get noticed by bigger companies.

    I need someone who can do 1 page a day ( you can do more if you wish as long as quality doesn't suffer ) and you will need to deliver that page each day, so I can give to the colorist.

    Some pages may vary in panels but I will provide a full script.

    I have the bulk of my characters already created in a portrait form so you could use as a rough guideline for REFERENCE ONLY to be able to say ( ok thats the type of character hes looking for for that name )

    Please show samples of work done. I will be selecting a few if samples are good to do a 1 page ( paid ) test so I can see how you would handle creating a page and check for ( turnaround, quality and style )

    Payments are all via paypal, done in milestones as you complete each page if awarded the full job.

    I will let you know that I am currently testing 3 people with a 1 page job, so let me know ASAP and I can get the details over to you about the 1 page test. But first show me your work.

    If selected for graphic novel after doing the 1 page test. I will require you to sign an illustrator agreement.


    Now lets see your portfolio
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    Please check out my inks.




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      comic artist/inker

      Hello, my name is David Cabrera and I’m a comic artist.(penciler/inker) Here you will find some samples that I’ve made. It will be a pleasure if you can take a look at them and tell me something.
      I’m very serious and always take my deadlines. I can make one page per day (inked)

      Thanks for all

      NAME: David T. Cabrera
      DATE: 08/11/1973 AGE: 38
      ADDRESS: Parque Central, Torre 3, 4ºC. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ZIP CODE: 35013
      COUNTRY: Spain
      E-MAIL: [email protected]

      PHONE: 34606375630


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        I'd really like to E-mail my portfolio to you (and I want to test 1 page (test page =no pay ok~~)
        please give me your E-mail address~~(and I will send you portfolio,my explanation,etc
        my E-mail is [email protected]


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          Originally posted by eunsuk Hong View Post
          I'd really like to E-mail my portfolio to you (and I want to test 1 page (test page =no pay ok~~)
          please give me your E-mail address~~(and I will send you portfolio,my explanation,etc
          my E-mail is [email protected]
          Please just provide links to your work as the others have done


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            i've updated my original thread please read. Everything is still the same just wanted to be clear about that my goal here is to have someone do the drawing part BEFORE a colorist goes to work on it. How you do that is up to you as long as it looks good. If thats just pencil and then you use the 10 second tutorial as mentioned above to turn it into lines. fine. If you just ink, thats fine. Let me know your approach
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              Here's my portfolio:


              You can contact me here or at:
              [email protected]


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                My Portfolio:

                My email: [email protected]


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                  hi~eunsuk Hong again
                  my portfolio is :
                  (I made it right now^^)
                  and E-mail is : [email protected]


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                    Hello my name is Diego Martinez and I am from Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
                    I am interested in the project, I leave my blog address so you can see my work:
                    I hope we can work together.

                    Sincerely Diego Martinez.


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                      we're having fun to be with you sir,

                      we want to make it as to do our best. . .

                      here's our address you might to see


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                        Inker for Graphic novel

                        Hello Kale (?),

                        I would like to do your inking (and whatever you need) for your graphic novel. Here is a link to my porfolio and my publications that I create with a storm of other creators (I'm a publisher that works anywhere). Most of our comics are free so you can see what I do. I can do everything you need beyond pencilling to get your publication to digital or print publication all for the price of inking.

                        Thanks for the opportunity!
                        --Michael Rickaby
                        [email protected]
                        Comic Art Fans Portfolio -
                        CE Publishing Group (Get FREE Comics!) -


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                          I don't have a portfolio, but I can do two pages for free!
                          If you are interested: [email protected]

                          I work with digital mediums and I would have it ready for the colorist in both white background and transparency

                          My Software of preference is:

                          Paint Tool Sai

                          Thank You!


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                            I'd like to throw my hat in the ring for this if I could. My name is Luc Grigg and I'm interested in the position. You can check out samples of my work at my deviantART gallery, my portfolio, or even see all the steps of my work in my photobucket.

                            I can't wait to hear back from you.
                            EMail: [email protected]


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