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Penciller for Graphic Novel - June 15th Submission Deadline

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  • [Wanted ($)] Penciller for Graphic Novel - June 15th Submission Deadline


    My name is Wolf Beaumont, and I am planning to begin production of a graphic novel later this year. I have a solid budget ready for the initial phase where I plan to create the novel's first chapter to the highest standard possible with this budget, using the first chapter to raise funds via kickstarter or indiegogo (depending on whether KS launch their international version this year as planned) to complete the graphic novel proper.

    I'm obviously looking for someone who's interested in the story and to play a fundemental part in its creation with suggestions about the script etc. so please don't get in touch if you don't like the basic premise. I also need someone who feels they can accurately portray the setting and period for authenticity not to mention having a firm grasp on sequential art.

    Set in 16th century Venice, Italy, the protagonist is a masked female vigilante known to the people as the legendary Venezia. She stalks the rooftops of the city in search of injustice as she tries to solve the mystery surrounding the murder of her own father.

    Applicants also need to perform a test page (script provided below for evidence) to be submitted before the 15th of June, (penciling only).

    Please contact me via my email address wolf.beaumont at with links to your portfolio along with your rates.

    Thank you very much,

    Wolf Beaumont


    Page 2

    A panoramic view of Venice, Italy in the 16th century at NIGHT. We are high up on the rooftops looking ACROSS the city.

    1. CAPTION/Venezia: “When I was but a child, my father told me a secret.”

    2. CAPTION/locator: Venice, Italy 1502

    We see a pair of black leather boots RUNNING along a sloped tiled roof, with a sense of urgency to their movement.

    CAPTION/Venezia: “An owl had found its way into our home and become trapped.”

    FIVE VENETIAN GUARDS walk down a dark street carrying torches. The guard in the middle, leading the group is HUGO MOCENIGO, he is in his late twenties. All the men are in full armour, but Hugo is the only one not wearing a helmet. The street is empty except for the men.

    CAPTION/Venezia: “It was so big and powerful that I screamed with fear.”

    The DISTANT shadowed form of Venezia leaps across the rooftop gap of a small street, from our perspective BELOW. We see glimpses of venetian red mixed with midnight black in her costume, though her face is not revealed.

    CAPTION/Venezia: “My own screams startled the bird, it's screeching as shrill as my own voice.”

    Interior, a house. We see a kitchen area, with a lit hearth, a table and benches. Against the back wall is a door.

    Somebody bangs on the door from outside.

    SFX: Sound of loud bangs against a heavy wooden door.

    1. CAPTION/Venezia: “It wasn't until my father came into the room and helped the bird leave that I realised how foolish I had been.”

    2. Hugo: “Open up in the name of your Doge.”

    We see the door opened from an exterior perspective. CRISTINA DELLAMORA stands in the doorway. She is furious. Dressed in bed robes hastily covered with other clothing, her hair is long and undone. She is in her late thirties and very beautiful despite her age beginning to show.

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