about the project im working on and the stage its in and a little bout myself ... 1st im a writer and amature artist most of my work has been in the form of inks my pencils are amature at best lol so thats y im looking for a artist .. the project is a 28pg childrens book formated with 1 picture per page, 3 2 page spreads and some simple panel work dribblein throuout the story .. its written and is in the process of being storyboarded .... ok what im looking for is someone legit as im self publishing (i started a publishing company for this book) and i plan on paying you page rate and royalties i need someone i can tell the irs i gave X amout of money to so dont tax me on it lol ... so i need someone who is set up legitimetly as a artist meaning they handle there own bussiness.... as far as the art im looking for is just rough pencils i have a certin look in my head im going for so with me inking and coloring it i could direct it more so im looking for a artist who can lay the ruffs down for me the book is gonna be loosly storyboarded so theres plenty room to be creative.. if your intrested send me a project rate and we can go from there ... email [email protected]