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Artist Needed for Adult Graphic Novel Project (No Pay)

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  • [Wanted] Artist Needed for Adult Graphic Novel Project (No Pay)

    I'm looking for a talented, "can-do-it-all" artist (meaning pencils, inks, letters and color) or team for a web based serialized graphic novel.

    This is a non-genre piece. No fantastic elements. Artists must have an expert knowledge of human anatomy, an ability to create believable settings, and a knack for clear story telling.

    This is adult in the sense that it will feature full nudity. There will be no graphic sex scenes, though there may be some allusions.

    This is mainly for funsies. I plan to release it on my own website, though I will also look for potential print publishers when the whole thing is finished.

    Email samples or links to online portfolios to [email protected]

    And check out my work at

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    I went through the galleries on your site and instantly recognized your girls from the Casual Fridays pdf that I came across some time ago. I believe it was through as I check by there every once and awhile looking for good reference without the oversexualized poses. I wanted to say that I enjoyed the fun tasteful manner you presented in it. I still look at it for fun occasionally. As far as the post goes its a bit to much pro-bono work to jump at but I still wanted to say that I have enjoyed the work you guys have done thus far.
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      First off, thanks! Glad to know Casual Fridays is still out there in some way and that people are enjoying it.

      Secondly, you make a good point. This is too big a job to ask someone to do for free. So I'm going to cancel this project.


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