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Artist Needed For 24 Page Page One-Shot ($75.00 Per Page)

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  • [Wanted ($)] Artist Needed For 24 Page Page One-Shot ($75.00 Per Page)

    YOUR WORK: Pencils & Inks
    PAGE RATE: $75.00
    DELIVERY: 300 DPI LZW compressed TIF files
    PAYMENT TERMS: Net 10 after delivery of final work and receipt of final invoice
    REPLY TO: info(at)brytewerks(dot)com
    DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT: We're creating a traditional comic book as the user manual for the BryteWerks Model One. You can read about us on Engadget. You can also go to our website. We've been covered in over 6,335 media outlets in the last four weeks. We're not your average consumer electronics company. The voice of our projector is Michael Wincott (Top Dollar of The Crow.) We don't want a user manual that's drawn; we want a comic book that happens to be a user manual.
    YOUR X FACTOR: We're open to a tremendous amount of suggestions for what this should be. The final work needs to be funny, irreverent and possibly subversive. The goal is to create a user manual unlike anything that's ever shipped with a consumer electronics product.
    STYLE: We can be convinced of just about any style; from Manga to Mignola, from Adams to Aragones we can be convinced of just about any long as your work is rock solid. We'll shape the project around your style. Are you influenced by Jeff Smith? Not a problem. In fact, a cartoony style might allow us to be a tad more irreverent; you can get away with a lot more when the art appears to be friendly (which is what Art Adams has proven so many times in the past.)
    THE SCRIPT: We're writing the manual as a traditional comic script. For you, it won't be any different than any other comic project. The only change will be the subject matter...the world's most kick-ass digital projector with hopes of teaching Hollywood and their gang of thieves a lesson or two about innovation and freedom of culture. F*ck Hollywood. F*ck Hollywood in it's gaping collective ocular cavity.
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    so is it $75 or $50 per page? Your title and post disagree.
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      Thank you for pointing out the error. We've corrected it in the original post.


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        What is the time frame this would need to be completed by?

        Also, if I understand correctly, does this mean no money would be paid to the artist until all 24 pages of art are completed?
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