My name is David B Andrews, writer and creator of 'Relik', a superhero comic. Currently a webcomic, I'm nevertheles submitting queries to several independent publishers, and have had some curious/interested replies already.

My current artist had to step down from his full duties due to RL constraints, staying on to cover pencils, inks, and maybe letters. But Relik needs a full ship if it's going to fly!

So I'm looking for a colourist; preferably one who is at a high standard, but looking for practice and exposure over payment.

This is because I can't afford to pay upfront. Today's economic climate is tough on us all, and I'm just in no position to pay.

HOWEVER! Should your work help get the comic noticed by one of the companies, you can expect an even share of any profits made, plus possible upfront payment should I ever be financially secure enough to do so. BUT. NOT. RIGHT. NOW.

Also, I'm more interested in getting my work out into the world, so you could probably end up going 40/40/20.

If you're interested, I can be contacted at [email protected]

Please, no time wasters (by which I mean those asking to be paid upfront despite me stating back end TWICE - you'll be wasting your own time, not mine: I'm far enough in the script-writing that I can take 5 seconds to say "sorry, no pay", lol).

Thanks for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon!