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  • [Wanted] Star Wars Fan Fiction Artist(s)


    Names Paul and I am a Star Wars whore. There I said it...

    I'm looking to find an artist possible several artist to help me create a few pages of Star Wars fan art.

    You will be asked to draw 3 to 4 pages of a story. (More if the desire strikes you.) Set in or around Episodes 5 and 6. You will be asked to draw the iconic characters of the Star Wars Universe. Boba Fett, Chewbacca and Mr. Colt .45 Lando Calrissian. The finished art will be posted on the Dark Horse forums and my blog. Where it will get noticed and we all know that getting noticed is only second to getting paid. [Segue] This is NOT a paying gig. Don't let that discourage you from sending in an inquiry. I've had some great luck (nearly being published with DH a few years back) and have made a few friends at Dark Horse.

    All types (MANGA especially) are welcome to send in samples or links of their work. Priority will be placed on those that can pencil, ink and color their own art. Click my blog to check out a few samples of my scripting ability and to read the 4 page Star Wars script you'll draw. Please send all interested emails to pbrainproject (at) with the subject "hey, Star Wars whore?"

    you're the best,

    P. B. DeBerry is author of things OK, wearer of BiG PANTS, idea maestro, comic book samurai and zombie hipster. His beard is full of robo-gamma irradiated hornets.

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