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  • [Wanted] Angry Fruit Salad anthologies

    Angry Fruit Salad is looking to put together anthologies of independent creators work. We are going to start off with the below two themes:

    The first category may seem a little vague but we know exactly what we are looking for. If you have an atypical short story in any genre we want to see it. Even superhero but it has to be Madman rather than Spider. Bizarro rather than Super. Maybe it's been rejected before as it doesn't 'fit' another publisher's needs but we would love to see it here at AFS. There's nothing too weird or unconventional at this point in time. The more imaginative the comic the better.

    The second genre we are looking for is political allegories/fables and quiet science fiction. We are looking for stories akin to Moon, Silent Running, the Fountain rather than transformer but if you have the next DMZ or fancy yourself the next Brian Wood and Jonathan Hickman then we would like to see your short comic for this anthology (of course we would).

    Email us your work at: [email protected]

    We will put both these anthologies out digitally at first, moving to print if there is demand. Profits will be split and worked out on a per page basis.

    Feel free to use this thread to find collaborators/writers/artists/colorists/letterers. Can't wait to see what you guys will come up with.

    Come join our forum at
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    Just wanted to help define the concepts for the anthologies a little further:

    For the first category, we were looking for stories that are a bit more zany for want of a better word. Very much in the vein of Mike Allred and Madman. Bizarre little tales that only indie comics can do as experimental and off the wall a you like.

    The second anthology is more about tone. Little science fiction stories with the feel of a slice of life comic. Think as small as Brian Woods New York Four/Five and Demo or as large as say The Fountain. The common theme is that they are personal tales.



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      We are still looking for submissions.


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