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  • [Wanted ($)] Artist Wanted - Paid Gig.


    I am looking for an artist to turn in four pages of sequentials (Pencils & inks) in a month. The book is sci-fi with adult themes. (Imagine Heavy Metal Magazine covers). Although there are character sketches, mood boards etc. for the main characters already, the job requires a lot of creativity (Creation of new alien races etc on a regular basis).


    Applicants must be able to handle large actions set pieces. "Hot Chicks". Drawing from both photo reference and character sketches. And bring a substantial amount of imagination and creativity to the project.


    The rate is between $7.50 and $10 per page, based upon turn around time. Payment will be made by PayPal or other suitable on-line payment processing centre. 50% upon acceptance of the job and 50% upon mutually agreeable completion.


    Please visit the following URL and enter your name (or handle), a contact email address and relevant samples of previous seqentials, pinups, portfolios etc.

    I am using a form to avoid my inbox being overrun by people who have not read the above post and flood my server with large files and strange emails.


    I am Kevin McHugh a British writer who has had work published by Future Quake Press, Night Warrior Web Comic from Modern Life and have self published a couple of Superhero anthology books under the post human banner.


    A proposed long form Science Fiction web comic.

    Extra Info:

    This is a rolling job offer. Each month there will be an additional four pages on offer at the same rate and payment schedule. With a total of 12 four page blocks on offer.


    If I have broken any rules of upset any moderators then please accept my apologies and send me a PM and I will make the necessary changes.


    Thanks for taking the time to view this email and filling out and application.

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