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  • [Wanted ($)] Artist for paying comic project

    Hey all, I’m looking for an artist to pencil the first of what will hopefully be many issues of my comic book. The rate will be 30 dollars/page, or 500/issue, whichever works out to be more. I’ll be needing to see a portfolio and some kind of verification that it’s actually your portfolio, of course.

    What kind of project is it?

    I’ve actually posted the first script in a thread in the writing forum, so if it looks like a project you’re interested in, check it out here.

    What exactly am I looking for?

    Pencil drawing of what eventually becomes a superhero comic, I’d love to get work already shaded or even digitally processed, but realistically, I don’t expect anything more than the pencil works. I’m very open to discussing styles and interpretations, and of course, if we work well together, there will be more work to come.
    You can reach me through my email address at [email protected]. It’ll likely take me a few weeks to decide for certain, but I’ll try to respond initially to any submissions or emails within a day or two.

    Thanks for your time!

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