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  • [Notice] Kickstarter type of plea/arrangements

    As some of you know, I hit a serious financial snag and my family has been evicted, and now my wife and I are separated.
    I am on my moms couch...and my wife is on her moms couch, neither of us have room, it's literally. the couch and a closet. I have started a new job, but do not get paid until March 1st.
    We have gotten a new place lined up for February 1st, and we will start rebuilding from there.
    However, we need money to get IN to this new once we are in, work will begin and payment won't be a problem. But, we HAVE to get in to this place.
    So, I am turning to PJ for help.
    We need $715 to get in.
    I can't really DO Kickstarter because I have no bank account, but my thought is this.
    Check out and understand that I am a small press creator.
    Check wjh1170. for samples of artwork.
    I am offering:
    For a $25 donation you will get a signed copy of SOVEREIGN #1 AND #2
    $50 Gets you both autographed books and an 11x17 print from my gallery.
    $100 gets you all the above, plus an original commission of your choice.
    $200 gets all the above, and guaranteed publication of your story/character in a future Dream In Color Entertainment title.
    Over $200 I will illustrate a book for you.
    Donations can be made via PayPal to [email protected]
    Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

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