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  • [Wanted] Inker, 8-Page

    Hey PJers. I've got an Anthology project in the works and am in need of an Inker for an 8-Page story that's part of it. A quick spiel on the story, it stars duck detective Jack Fowl tracking down suspects in the murder case of former Aussie boxing champ Clint Walker.

    The art is by fellow PJer GadgetWK (it's his IP as well) with myself on the script. The pages are nearly done and we're shooting for a late Spring printing deadline for the Anthology it will appear in.

    Compensation for the job is kind of up-in-the-air at the moment. I myself am NOT an advocate of "back-end" pay and all that other hollow promise BS, so I'm not going to spout that. Typically I contract out all the art duties for my projects, but at the moment the comics-fund well is dry, all $$$ going to printing costs. There may be some compensation in the form of $5 - $10 per page, but it's no guarantee--we're up for negotiations as well. If you're interested in inking Jack Fowl for, at the worst, no monetary compensation but some XP and a publishing credit (albeit a self published one) and at the best, a maximum of $10 per page + publishing credit, email me: [email protected] . Thanks for looking, guys and gals. Support Small Press!!

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    Just sent you an Email.
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      Inker found, thanks for all the replies!
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