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  • [Wanted] Self published writer seeks artist

    Self published writer seeks artist for pitch/ongoing to submit to companies. This would be a collaboration so payment will be after print. If you are interested, please contact me at [email protected]. Serious inquires only.
    I hope to hear from you.
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    are you any good? do you have any contacts with any publishers to make the venture more likely to succeed? why should an artist draw x amount of pages for you basically for free on the hope and prayer that someone will bite?

    how do they know you're comitted to the project? looking through your post history you've mostly stayed in the bullitin board area, and not contributed to the discussions to the rest of the forum. what about all the other projects you've advertised for? have any of them gone anywhere? not trying to rain on your parade or say you're a crappy writer by any means, but what evidence would you provide for an artist intrested in hooking up with a writer other than a free email account? does this novel you've published have a title?

    heck.. i'm not even looking for a writer anymore but these ads always irritate me. im going to make responding to them my new hobby.
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      I'm getting annoyed by these ads (although this one isn't that bad) and I'm not even an artist.

      Probably doesn't help that NONE of these ads ever offer any room for negotiation...
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        Guys, settle down. He's looking for a pitch mate offering a back-end deal from what I can tell. Get some dialogue going and see if the fit is right for you. If it's not, and you find nothing is negotiable, then walk away. I'm sure the op would be happy to share the pitch and script with you to gauge your interest if you ask... No need to storm in here guns a blazin' without getting the whole story.

        Waiting for a "guaranteed" publishing gig might be smart, but odds are anyone pitching that in this forum is full of it.
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