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  • [Hype!] My IndieGoGo campaign

    We need some help. We have a lot of views on our campaign, but no claims. We need your help comic book community. My company, Im a Geek Entertainment has started a IndieGoGo campaign to help produce our growing catalog of comics and novels, as well as grow our brand by offering new webshows for geeks like us entertainment. Please take a look at our campaign, spread the word, claim a pledge, help us out. We are hoping by reaching our campaign goal, we can produce more quality books, comics, and give back to our fans. The money we need isn't for us, its for our creators, and our fans. Check out the link, and if you got any suggestions, email me at [email protected]

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    (I just cut n' paste my response from another identical post to this).

    Sigh ... I just had a look at Im A Geek Entertainment's site.

    1) Your website is all over the place
    2) The Im A Geek comic strip sucks. It is just not that funny.
    3) From what I can tell, Im A Geek's "President", Bobby Smith, seems to be the sole comic book writer (Rockstar Savior, Parallel Dilemma) ... and his writing is terrible (spelling mistakes, unoriginal plots).
    4) "The money we need isn't for us, its for our creators, and our fans." What does that mean? Bobby Smith is the writer on all of your comics ... he's going to give the money to the fans? Doubtful. Please tell me Im A Geek is at least paying the artists who are working on your comics?
    5) Your webshows? Terrible. Poor sound, not interesting, crappily edited.
    6) Your podcast? Boring, poor sound.
    7) You don't have a company. You don't have a brand. You're not Apple Inc. You have a website.

    Honestly, it looks like Im A Geek is trying to do too much with too little. If they want to publish their own comics, fine, stick to that (and hire an editor). Start small. Spend some time making that website look great. Don't do a half-assed jobs on six different things. And don't post a message on a forum asking people to give you money when you're not giving anything back in return.


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