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Golden Gang needs artists, inkers and colorists

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  • [Wanted ($)] Golden Gang needs artists, inkers and colorists



    Later this year I'm going to publish two trade paperbacks featuring the Golden Gang, a superhero group created mostly by me. I won't have time to do all of it myself so I'm looking for artists, colorists, inkers and those that do all of it themselves.

    The first TPB is scheduled for sometime between the middle of the year and autumn/fall, and the other for close to the end of the year. Each TPB consists of two stories divided into three parts of 10 to 19 pages.

    It's basically a typical superhero story but I like a lot of varied styles som if you're interested, just contact me even if you don't think your style is what I might be looking for.

    The stories in brief:

    The first tale takes place all over the world and partially in other places of our universe from the time of the ancient mesoamerican indians up until 2001 and the debut of the group. My goal is to draw the first and third parts myself.

    The second story takes place first in Melancon, a city in France, then in and around the groups headquarters, a texan ranch as they are visited first by aliens and then by a werewolf.

    The third story takes place in space aboard starships and on alien planets. Most of the designs for this story will be left up to the artists.

    The last tale is set in New York and has plenty of monstrous fantasy creatures running amok. Their looks will be mostly up to the artists.

    Pay will vary. I have set aside a specific amount in my currency (swedish krona) for each role. 230Kr/page for artists, 115Kr/page for inkers and 115Kr/page for colorists.
    As of the writing of this ad this comes to 33US $ for artists and 16.5US $ for inkers and colorists. This will of course vary, especially with the world economy being as it is right now, but I will pay a minimum sum regardless and as much as possible when the rates are more favorable. The exact minimum will be set later this month.
    The TPB's will be sold with a small profit margin and all profits will be divided according to the amount of work done for as long as the TPBs sell. I will not keep any of the profits myself.

    I will print the TPB's at Ka-Blam and all contributors will recieve 1 complimentary copy of the ones they've been a part of. I might just send extra money for you to buy through Ka-Blam instead of me having to order them to Sweden and then send them out to everyone around the globe.
    It will be distributed through Comicsmonkey and be available as downloads through Ka-Blam's service.

    I was thinking of paying per page when you show me a low resolution version of a finished page, and when you've recieved the payment you'll send me the full resolution version (300dpi). More information about the technical details will be coming later for those that want to work with me.

    Here's a pdf of character designs and such:

    Here's a pdf of the first 6 scripts:

    If you're interested mail me at [email protected] with a link to a gallery, forum post or similar wich ha samples of your art or comics. For artists I wish to see 2 pages of comic book art (sequentials), preferably one of action and one showing quiter moments. For inkers I want to see 2 pages of samples of your inks over a tight penciller and a loose penciller. For colorists I'dlike to see samples of coloring of night scenes and day scenes.
    If you don't have anything online you can contact me through MSN messenger via the same adress and send it that way.

    Id also like a rough estimate of what time it takes you to do a full page, and how much you want to do, in terms of number of pages.

    If you read swedish you can look at some of the behind the scenss work here:

    Thanks for reading!

    To everyone that replied, thanks. I will be emailing or PMing everyone of you.

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