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We have the money! We need an Artist!

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  • We have the money! We need an Artist!

    We need five pages of colored and lettered art in an attempt to get signed. We are willing to pay our artist so let us know your rate per page.

    Extras #1: Wheels of Evolution

    This comic book is Smallville and Breakfast Club meets Runaways.

    We finished scripts 1-5. We plan to submit it to Image, Dark Horse and several independent companies. If anyone knows any other small companies, please share.

    But....before we do that, we need an ARTIST.

    When we get signed, you will be getting signed with us. My friend and I are looking for an artist for the LONG HAUL.

    We started writing a blog about nerd culture. You can follow us here at .

    Anyone interested????

    It's fun read and a really great story. I really hope someone out there is willing to take chance on us.

    Comment here or Email us at [email protected]

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    I know it's not needed, but it's something that's always crossed my mind when reading these ads.

    Any chance you could put up half a page of sample script? I mean, I know you don't want to give much away, but as an artist, I'd like to know what I'm considering jumping in to.
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      Page 21. Panel A. Exterior. Foreground, ALEX and DAVE outside during gym. Background, girl students playing volleyball. View from side of ALEX’s head. DAVE looking at him.

      DAVE: It’s funny you say that, ‘cause something weird happened to me. Really weird.

      [Dave Johnson is 16 and a sophomore. He is a little short for his age. He has brown hair and brown eyes. His hair is constantly messy but not emo. He seems pretty average but there is something in his eyes that suggest he is wise beyond his years. He is a little scrawny so he is occasionally bullied. Josh Hutcherson]

      ALEX (distracted):Okay, number one, you’re about three years too late. Number two, its not supposed to happen overnight.

      [Alex Reese is tall for his age. He has long messy hair, below the ears but above the shoulders. He’s a good person who hasn’t had the best life and as such has a bit of an attitude. He can be very sarcastic but is smart and funny. He has a bit of a grungy look, wearing t-shirts of bands older than he should have any business wearing and torn jeans. Despite his look he is still a scared kid. Justin Chatwin]

      DAVE: No, not that, that happened last week.

      B. Reverse view, back of DAVE’s head looking at ALEX. ALEX looking at DAVE, questioningly.

      DAVE: …just kidding.

      C. ALEX looks back at the cheerleaders, same view as panel A.

      ALEX :Unless this involves what Viola Proctor did last night… I’d rather just watch the girls play volleyball.

      D. Foreground, VIOLA and other volleyball players. Background, ALEX still watching as DAVE walks towards the baseball backstop.

      [Viola Proctor is beautiful. She is captain of the cheerleading squad. She’s leggy, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is average height and very fit. She has that cocky, cheerleader attitude, but somewhere deep down is a heart of gold. Very, deep down. Emmy Rossum with blonde hair.]

      DAVE: In case it wasn’t obvious enough, you and I have zero, and I mean zero chance with her.

      E. Side view, DAVE sprinting at the backstop in the background ALEX facing away.

      DAVE 1: Can you focus for one minute? I’m trying to show you something.

      ALEX: …I’m sure it’s fascinating…

      DAVE 2: Just watch.

      22. Full Page

      A. Phases of movement. DAVE running up the backstop animal like, as he reaches the top, he starts to do a back flip and throughout the phases of the backflip he yells:

      DAVE: Are…you….watching?
      Then he lands in a “ta-da” pose.

      23. A. ALEX hands up to his face and hair, staring at DAVE whose back is viewed, still in his pose.

      B. Close up on ALEX’s face.

      ALEX: …well, that didn’t happen to me when I hit puberty…

      C. Side view, ALEX on left DAVE on right.

      DAVE: So. This means I’m pretty much a superhero now.

      ALEX: All right. Get off your high horse. If anything, you’d be a sidekick.

      DAVE: What?! Have you ever seen a sidekick do what I just did?

      Alex:Yeah. Robin. Kid Flash. Ampersand.

      DAVE: Really? The monkey?

      ALEX: You get my point.

      DAVE: Fair enough.


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