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  • [Wanted ($)] Concept artists for Shift Universe Comics

    Hey Penciljack,

    We're currently looking for some concept artists to help us prepare for our next short story, fleshing out character designs, logos, settings and providing some general artwork for the site. The short will be another science fiction comic from the Shift Universe: if you don't have any idea what that is, we'd suggest taking a look over at our website, where you can find previews and concepts from our last short Back Alley.

    The new piece is going to be a little different, so we're looking for artists of any and all skill levels to get it ready. We prefer artists with work experience in science fiction, but it really comes down to how your stuff looks on paper.

    If you are looking for a paid commission rate, be prepared to show a full resume of your works and some completed commission transactions to let us know you know what you're doing. We're only offering rates for our larger projects, and there's a very stiff limit to how high we can go, so please be realistic if you decide to show interest.

    If you are just looking to do some freebie work, sketches and such for recognition and practice, we will take you unconditionally. We have lots of small projects that we'd love to throw out there for anyone who's interested in some directed concept development work - plus, it's a really great way for us to get to know you. We'll be searching for a couple of teams to work on covers, artwork and the new story soon, so concept art is a great way for us to get a sense of your artistic style and abilities before offering you a paid assignment.

    If you're interested in doing a project for us, please shoot an email over to
    [email protected]

    [Include your name and the word "submission" in your subject area, please.]
    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Lucian Copeland,
    Director and author for Shift Universe Comics

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