Hi, I'm Miguel.

I've been working on a premise that mixes the crime genre with vigilante action. It takes place in Nigeria and follows the son of a criminal trying to put an end to his father's actions. And he adopts a secret identity for that purpose. This is just beginning and then extends to him travelling all over Africa getting involved in several adventures and meeting other vigilantes. It combines crime, thriller, action, and drama since I'm trying to make this a very character-driven story that follows several moral, social and even political implications.

I have the first script written and I've plotted the full series. It's not a megalomaniac project - it shouldn't last more than 45 issues. I'm planning to pitch it to companies like Dark Horse and Image and others. So I'm looking for an artist to work with me on this, someone who finds the project interesting and would like to stay committed to it from start t finish.

If this project is greenlit, we'll split profits 60 (artist)-40 (writer).

Anyone interested or with questions, e-mail me at [email protected].