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Artist Wanted For Pitch (five pages and a cover)

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  • [Wanted] Artist Wanted For Pitch (five pages and a cover)

    My name is Martin John, I am a writer and comics creator/letterer, and I am looking for an art partner for a five issue sport/crime story that I am looking to pitch. This requires five pages of art and a cover, and a commitment if we get picked up.

    I am looking for an artist that will be willing to take their page rate from the back end and once that has been met split the rights 50/50. This means that all money from the comic will go to the artist until their page rate has been met. I have one script, some character sheets and the rough pitch worked up already. I believe that the idea is incredibly commercial, and would have a good chance of getting picked up in other media channels as well.

    I cannot afford to pay you up front, but I believe in my idea. See samples of my work at:

    My requirements are that you have a style that handles human relationships and talking well, but can be dynamic in action like Kirby, Pope, Canete, or Mcleod.


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