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Penciller/Inker wanted for 22-page comic

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  • [Wanted ($)] Penciller/Inker wanted for 22-page comic

    I had posted this a few months back. Unfortunately, money problems got in the way of doing the project then. Those issues have now been sorted out. To all the artists who previously submitted to me, please do so again. I'm looking to get things started right away.

    I'm looking for a penciler and inker for my issue of my comic "Third Estate".

    I previously hired an artist to put together a 6-page pitch to submit to companies. Unfortunately, that process is a total crapshoot, and it went nowhere. So I decided to do the whole 22 page comic-both to make it a more attractive submission and to do a wee bit of self-publishing.

    The original artist wanted both too much money and too much time to get this done, so I need a new artist to start from scratch.

    What I need is a penciler and inker for 22 pages of work plus a cover. I can offer $35 for every completed page and another $60 for the cover. I'll eventually need a colorist too, and if the same artist can do that, obviously the page rate would be increased. **COLORISTS: Don't send me samples of your work yet. When I get to that stage, I will post it here again.

    I need the pages finished by Mar. 1st of 2012. I plan on getting it done before C2E2 so I can have it to pitch to publishers while I'm there.

    The comic takes place in a near-future America, where a fundamentalist Christian president has come into power. It follows a resistance group fighting the new government. Think V for Vendetta meets Red Dawn.

    Please e-mail me with links/samples of your work to [email protected].

    If you want to see the original pages done by the first artist (you'll be working off the same script he did), you can see it here:

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    That's something I would have been interested in, seems like a real cool concept but $35 a page a is way too low unfortunately.
    Too bad.


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