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  • [Wanted] B/W illustrations needed

    Hello All

    My name is Jason, I am an aspiring screenwriting living in Los Angeles. For the past year I have been writing a story a week on my blog.

    I am currently up to 45 weeks and I would like to know if anyone is interested in drawing scenes from them. They vary in range from science fiction, fantasy, magical realism and straight up drama. I need one illustration per story. I want to make fliers out of the drawings and hand them out. Possibly make a sample mini book out of a few of the stories. A local comic shop agreed to make bag stuffers out of the books if they look presentable.

    The illustrations need to be B/W and convey a scene from the story or an image that sums up the meaning of the story. If your interested please email me at [email protected] and we can work out an agreement. Keep in mind I cannot pay much, as I am using this project to get my name out. I am planning on publishing the entire years worth of stories into a book with no artwork. If you draw anything the artwork is yours, I would just like to use it as a visual aid to help promote my stories at comic shops and book stores.

    Feel free to read any story on my blog and contact me if you are interested.

    Thank you,

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