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We are looking for an Artist for the LONG HAUL!!!

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  • We are looking for an Artist for the LONG HAUL!!!

    Extras #1: Wheels of Evolution

    This comic book is Smallville and Breakfast Club meets Runaways.

    We finished scripts 1-4. We plan to submit it to Image and Dark Horse. If anyone knows any other small companies, please share.

    But....before we do that, we need an ARTIST.

    At first we were looking for an artist on Long Island and NYC but that didn't turn anything up. So our search is now going nationally. I really think our story has a huge chance of getting published but we NEED YOUR HELP. Anyone in this group or know anyone looking to be an artist but part-time. Now before you ask, we are both broke college students. But don't worry!!!!!!!!!

    When we get signed, you will be getting signed with us. My friend and I are looking for an artist for the LONG HAUL. When we get signed, you get signed...that means we all get paid.

    After we find our artist, we plan to make a Fan Page on facebook. After that we roll that out, we plan to start slowly working on the comic book. Since the artist wont be paid, we know we cant drawn pages out so fast. However, we would like to have a full comic book right before New Years.

    We also plan to write a blog about the creation of our comic book and we plan to review comic books, movies, tv shows.

    Anyone interested????

    It's fun read and a really great story. I really hope someone out there is willingly to take chance on us.

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    Man, I totally wish. I would jump at the opportunity, but I am not fully confident in myself, and I know I couldn't pull off the awesome backgrounds or perspective shots that some of the other guys do on this forum. Good Luck in your search, you guys. I think you'll run into some luck.
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      Wrong section for this. Post on the Bulletin board.
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