Good morning/afternoon/evening PJers,

We are currenly looking for a proffessional, DEPENDABLE print-ready person for our studio. We hunt down the clients, coordinate the project, and send you the work.

You are the unsung hero of comics.

If you are interested, please PM me for additional details. Include your per page rates and requirments (what you need from the artists in order to work you magic). Your rate is your rate. Period, studio fees are charged to the client, and never from you.

Our goals is for anyone to walk in to us with an idea, and leave with a file ready to send off to a printer (currenly Kablam! is our go-to, but we are open to other rec's if you have them).

Our website? Still being constructed, we don't want to launch without a complete team. We are not asking for any commitment as of yet, but would like to have a go-to person in the wings for when we are go. Deadlines are flexible, so you would never be required to be 'on-call' at a moments notice.