I'm a writer and I've been collaborating with various artists to produce my short stories for my webcomic blog.

if you want to check it out heres the link: http://mczmadcomix.blogspot.com/

I'm working with a great illustrator on another story and the first three pages are penciled and inked and we're looking for a colorist to round it out. Here's a sample page if you want to see the penciler's (Hany Khattab) style...its close to Jack Kirby (imo)


PANEL 1 - EXTREME CLOSEUP of an old fist slamming down on a table. In the background we see the doorway of a small house. In the doorway we see Sanura standing there having just arrived.


PANEL 2 - Wide Shot over Sanura's shoulder looking into the room. Its a small one floor house. We can see the living room and on the sofa are three women crying and consoling each other. In front of them is the old man standing at the table. He's balding with grey stubble, with a crook in his back, wearing overalls. there is blood on the walls and some of the other furniture is over turned.

OLD MAN: It was the Diablos! They came into our home... killed my son and took my grand daughter! GOD DAMN THEM!!

PANEL 3 - Two Shot of Sanura with her hand on the old man's shoulder in a consoling fashion.

SANURA: I came as soon as I heard. I'm sorry Old Man...

OLD MAN: it aint right...it ain't right...somebody's gotta do something...

PANEL 4 - Two Shot of Sanura with a DEPUTY JACK THOMPSON, mid 40s, overweight, double chin think Ned Beatty, as they walk out on the front lawn of the house. In the background we can Sanura's chopper and next to it a girl sitting casually on Ninja bike. This is Sanura's friend Frankie. She's wearing a
biker leather jacket and outfit.

SANURA: The Diablos did all of this, Jack?

DEPUTY: They went crazy. They came into town a couple of hours ago and just started harrassin' everyone.

PANEL 5 - Two shot of Sanura and the deputy.

SANURA: What about the state troopers?

DEPUTY: They've been called up to reinforce the troops up in Humbolt County. We're basically on our own as far as local policing goes.

SANURA: Where's the sheriff now?

PANEL 6 - Close up on the deputy. He's looking down and ashamed.

this is an unpaid collaboration but the schedule is flexible
please respond to: [email protected]