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    I am currently collaborating with both J.C. Grande and Paul Houston on a project due for release this spring from the publisher AAM/MARKOSIA. While working on this script, I sent Markosia a separate script which they approved for a fall 2012 release. Unfortunately, my collaborator for the artistic sample could not commit the the back end deal that Markosia has offered. The script calls for two volumes consisting of over two hundred inked pages (combined). A large commitment to take on for potential profits alone. Despite these facts, I am looking for an all-in-one artist to take his place. I apologize that i can not offer any up front profits as all my liquid resources are tied up in the project due for release this spring. I understand that being asked to work for free is potentially demeaning. I would be hard pressed to do so myself. I can only hope that the chance to have your name inked on a contract that would potentially reward all the hard work and effort you as an artist put into your creation will offer some consolation. Also, I hope that the fact that this is my second accepted project would allay some of the fears one may have when deciding to collaborate with an otherwise unknown writer.

    About the project. It is a two part, graphic novel in the vein of the Watchmen. In other words, a gritty, character-driven, superhero (in this case supervillian) story. it takes place in the year 1980 in a dilapidated american city. The first volume, due next fall, would be around 100 pages. The publishers at Markosia liked the duotone sample my collaborator expertly put together. So duotones and black and white samples are encouraged. Ether way, the script could be pulled off with shading alone, very little color is necessary. That being said, a gritty, realistic looking, color sample will be considered. The publisher wants to do what is best for the project, so the best look is what will be accepted. Of course, in the end, Markosia will have to aprove of any artist. A word of caution - The script is written in a sort-of screen play format. Although there are copious amounts of description for each panel and plenty of artist direction, the actual lay out will have to be decided by the artist. I would panel it for the artist but all my writing time is taken up by the spring project. I would not be overly concerned about this. My sample collaborator was able to put together a seven page sample from the script alone. A sample that matched my imagination almost to the T.

    With this ad I hope to find a talented, professional artist who is willing to take a calculated risk on an exciting project. I know my pool of talent will be restricted without upfront pay. Again, i am sorry about this.

    If you are at all interested, please send me a sequential art sample matching the recommendations I laid out above.

    Thanking you in advance,

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