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  • [Wanted] Concept Artist For Comic Project

    Hey. Allow me to set things straight here-I won't be able to pay you just yet. I figured whoever reads this deserved to know ahead of time. However, I will pay you in time, to be specified below.

    What is the project? Basically, I need concept art and sketches for my comic series, Lightning Brigade, to be able to make a Kickstarter page to properly fund it.

    I have an artist in mind, who I am going to earn $1000 dollars to pay for the line art, though if you, vaguely defined potential artist, would want to step up and take the job for the full issue, then that is something that can definitely be accepted.

    I'm going to lay out my plan so you know where this stands. I have a comic series, which I will detail below, that I plan to get the first issue fully drawn, colored and lettered, and then submit to Dark Horse and Image Comics as a 20 issue run. I honestly believe in this project whole heartily, and truly think it will sell, though I'll leave it to you to decide to take the risk.

    And it IS a risk. I have no money of my own, due to real life issues that need not be gone into, thus I cannot pay you. But if the Kickstarter project works out, you, if you only wish to remain a concept artist, will be paid a proper amount. And if it doesn't, in the worst case scenario, I'll see to it that you're paid regardless. I am aiming to make a name for myself in the comic industry as a writer, and this is something I think is a sure fire win.

    Lightning Brigade is a 20 issue story inspired by many things from my childhood. It is a mature story, with deep characters and fantastic action, and possibly most of all, a colorful cast of characters.

    I have the first three pages, and the last four pages, of the first issue, which is fully written and ready to go, here Give them a look.

    If it interests you, PM me, or comment here.

    I'm always around.

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