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"Red Baron Project" - writer seeking artist for collaboration

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  • [Wanted] "Red Baron Project" - writer seeking artist for collaboration

    I am an amateur writer searching for an artist that could help me out with my action/fantasy comic/graphic novel. The artist should be able draw, ink and color. Digital art skills and and translating written work to graphic novel are a plus.

    This job is asking for an investment of time and talent from would-be artisit in exchange for future compensation based on success (if you want specific terms, that can be arranged), though I am willing to help pay for expenses incurred. Once bills lessen or salary increase, I would be willing to pay out a small amount for work completed.

    A lot of inspiration for this story comes from my fascination with anime like Dragon Ball Z and Eureka Seven and character-intensive novels like Orson Scott Card's Ender's series. I would like it to be more "manga-like" but I am willing to take the artists skills and preferences into account as part of "the team." Other than that, the art style is basically up for grabs at this point. The story it self, as a whole, is very long so this is certainly a long term project (perhaps years) and should our partnership be successful, I have plenty new stories swirling around in my head.

    I myself am no artist, just appreciate it. I have a pretty decent idea on what I want character to look like and the places they will go but no sketches, save on I had commissioned a year ago which I will be happy to share with you.

    Also one should know that there is no schedule nor is there no time period for this project to be complete. So the artist can take as much time as he or she feels like to get it done. Work at whatever pace you feel is comfortable for you. My goal at this point is to have a chapter made up by the end of the year (I have 8 currently written and around 150 potential chapters).

    If anyone who is interested in helping me with this project and/or has any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to ask and I will gladly answer any questions. I'm looking forward to starting a great working relationship with a great artist who is willing to work with me.

    Enclosed is a link to the wiki documenting some of my progress that should give you a better idea. I will soon load the character concept I had created for me of the main character and I will post an overview of the first saga of the story.

    Thanks in advance.

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