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  • [Wanted ($)] Anthology Submission Creator Team

    Hey PJers

    Sorry if this sounds curt, but there's not a second to lose!

    I'm looking to commission a 5PG B/W story to submit to Blackline Comics' Fall Anthology. The problem is the deadline is Nov. 1st! So, I'm looking for penciler/inker duo or someone who can handle both duties and is fast. I have a few 5PG one-shot scripts below to choose from.

    I'm offering the following pay scale:

    Penciler - $50 (5pgs @ $10 per page)
    Inker - $25 (5pgs @ $5 per page)

    Rates are negotiable for serious inquires only. Email me: [email protected]. Having sequential samples of any sort in the inquiry email will help speed up the process and will be much appreciated and help in rate negotiations!

    I'm keeping the posting open until midnight of this Monday, 10/17. Any later and it would be hard to meet the deadline, methinks. Blackline is providing lettering to the accepted submissions, so if this comes together I think completing it is doable. I hope this opportunity stokes some creative fires.


    These Dark Days: modern crime/noir set in a small Alaskan town. A dialogue-driven diner-scene.

    Devil Druid: battle scene at Stonehenge between Devil Druid (courtesy the Weekly Sketch Group!) and a Highland Warrior.

    Devil Druid is nearly finished and will be ready by the 10/17 deadline. In the meantime, meander through the Weekly Sketch Group #227. Check out the character variations, see if one strikes you or feel free to use them all as ref.

    Look forward to hearing from any and everyone.
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    The position has been filled, thanks to all who submitted and thanks to the PJ community! Here's to makin' some comics!
    Comic Creator Blog: Pistol-Whip Press, @Twitter


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