Hello, penciljack! I tend to stick to the sketchblogs, so I don't know how many of you knew about my webcomic ...it was thirty issues and wrapped up recently. However, I need cash to launch my next project and am doing a small print run of the last 2 issues + extras in a small trade paperback and hoped my fellow penciljackers could help me out.

For a 15 dollar preorder (shipping included) you will get a small trade paperback containing Acrobat issues 29 and 30 complete with bonus pinups, a free quick sketch from the artist (me), and the short Christmas story illustrated by Jon Cairns of alphaflag.com . This comes out to about 60 pages, which I think is a decent deal for an indie comic. Let me know if you want anything specific for your sketch and I'll try to include it with your copy.

Payment can go to [email protected], and I'll need your address if paypal doesn't already have it. Ka-Blam takes a long time to print, so it'll probably be a bit...but you will get it.

Some letter-free examples from the book: