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  • [Wanted] Breakneck needs a new artist

    Hey all.

    My name is Mark Bertolini, I'm the creator and writer of the 215 Ink supervillain title Breakneck.

    Recent changes at Breakneck HQ have left the artist position vacant, and I need to fill it.

    I need a penciller/inker at the very least. If you can color your work, you will jump to the head of the line in my eyes.

    This is a serious commitment, but your work will get published both digitally and in print, as a part of a series that has gained a lot of buzz and some excellent reviews, as well as more than one look by Hollywood.

    The perfect candidate for the role would be willing to work on a bi-monthly schedule to complete each 22-page issue. That means every two months, a new issue is done. All of the remaining scripts are written (there are 5 issues left to go in the finite series.) It would help tremendously if you were familiar with Breakneck. If you're not, not to worry, I can provide reference material as well as the first 5 issues to read to get familiar with the book.

    This is guaranteed publication, and as such, there will be a fairly strict review process for a potential artist. Both myself and the publisher will have to agree on the right artist. There might be a test page neccessary to see how you'd handle the characters.

    This could be a very big break for the right artist. 215 Ink has slowly become a very big fish in the small press community.

    Please be aware, this is not a paying job. There is no up-front pay, any payments come on the back-end when profit is made. Percentages, etc., will be discussed with the right artist, with higher percentages to an artist who can pencil, ink, and color.

    If you've read this far and think you have what it takes, please send me an email with "Breakneck artist" in the title to [email protected]

    You can find more info on Breakneck here: and here:

    Thanks for reading!

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    Why are you suddenly without an artist after five issues? Did he leave because he was unhappy about something?

    I think anyone here who was interested in working for you would want to talk to your former artist and find out why he left. There is an old caveat that pro comic book artists give to less experienced artists: "Never work for free."
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      His decision to leave was based on a few issues, I don't think he was particularly unhappy with the creation of the comic, but it IS unpaid, which I'm sure factored into his decision. He and I got a long great, and the communication with the publisher was always excellent as well. He's just decided to take a sabbatical from creating comics in general.

      Anyone who would like to talk to James, I can probably facilitate that. My email address is in the original post, and I can connect you to departed artist James Boulton for clarification on any concerns.


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        This position has been filled. Thanks for all the inquiries!


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