I'm looking for a writer to bring on board a sci-fi thriller based initially in the UK, about mind control, memes and metaphysics

EnCODE will incorporate crowdsourced content alongside social media interaction with characters, that builds an audience and finally develops into a webseries and web comic in the final phase of series 1.
Kary and I have been developing this project for several years, evolving and incorporating developments within digital technology and use. Initial versions started off as a purely download series, then with Social Media and now we are engaging through Web2.0 thinking with room for Web3.0 philosophy (sounds pretentious, sorry)

As a huge comic book fan I thought that the particular skill set of this kind of writer would be appropriate and thus will be canvassing across the web through comic book sites.

To get a sense of our style and tone you may be interested in watching our preview trailer for Version 2 of our idea. http://www.ignitecreative.tv/TheMemeProject

other examples of my work can be found here: http://vimeo.com/revwright

If this is something that interests you please get in touch (will(at)ignitecreative.tv) to find out more and discuss terms of engagement