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Looking for a writer to collaborate on a comicbook in style of the CW network series

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  • [Wanted] Looking for a writer to collaborate on a comicbook in style of the CW network series

    I don't have any clear idea, so basically I'm offering my collaboration to any writer who has a story I'm looking for. The only thing I'd like to design by myself are the characters, what you do with them will be up to you. Due to the type of the story I tihnk a female writer would be best, but that's of course not required.
    I'm always inspired by the teen drama mixed with fantasy elements. If you know the series like The Vampire Diaries or The Secret Circle then you'll exactly know what I mean. If not, here are the elements that I think are essential to the story:
    - female teen leading character
    - high school setting (well, might be college of course)
    - a lot of romance, not only around the main character, but the supporting cast as well
    - witches, werewolves, vampires, magic, whatever you choose

    Samples of my artwork you can see here: (please ignore all info about the page rate any paments, as what I'm offering here is simple collaboration for free).
    I'm only a penciller, so we'll have to find a colorist and maybe an inker, but we can worry about that later.
    What we do with this project - we can simple do it as a webcomic, we can try to submit it to comicbook publishers or as a movie/tv series proposal. But mostly, I'm just looking for a comicbook that will be inspiring to me and I'll love drawing.

    Naturally, it would be best to talk,
    my yahoo nick is arucardpl
    my facebook page:

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    My might have something...

    I'll email you/PM you in a few hours.
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      PM sent................................
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