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Heaven is a Tourist Trap. (Writer seeking Artist) (Unpaid)

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  • [Wanted] Heaven is a Tourist Trap. (Writer seeking Artist) (Unpaid)

    Name: Aaron Wild

    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Looking for: An artist, of course. Preferably able to pencil AND ink. If you're capable of coloring and lettering as well, you're golden and I'll love you forever. If your artwork makes my eyes rain tears of joy from the sheer beauty of it all so that said tears might be bottled and sold in grocery stores across the county... well, that would be pretty cool.

    First and foremost, this is not a paying gig. Should your interest be piqued and you decide to take me up on this proposition, understand that the chances of making any money off of this is pretty slim. Of course, I will be submitting this to several publishers and we might just get lucky. In the event that this project does manage to get published, we'll split the pay 50/50 and share the copyright, simple as that.

    This story will be pitched as an ongoing series with a monthly release. This could always change in the future, but for now, please don't bother replying unless you're willing to commit to a monthly schedule. That means deadlines, sacrificing free time, and generally not-so-fun stuff.

    As far as art styles and what not goes, I imagine this having a gritty feel, but I'm willing to hear other ideas on styles and what not. I would, however, definitely like it to have an art style more grounded in reality. It doesn't have to be photo-realistic, but I definitely don't want something cartoony. Hopefully that makes sense. My general approach to writing scripts is to give the artist enough to work with, tell them the general tone of a panel, and then let them have creative control over how the art turns out. It'll be a rarity for me to tell you what camera angle to use, character positioning, and all of that. If you don't like something that I wrote or have an idea that might work better, feel free to tell me. I'll do the same if I don't like something with the artwork. This is an equal partnership, after all.

    The Story
    Currently, the story doesn't have any real name attached, but I've been calling it Heaven is a Tourist Trap. This will likely be changed since it works better as a tagline. It comes off a bit too unwieldy as a title, yeah? Anyway, I'll warn everyone now, if you're easily offended by concepts such as musings on religion (which, in the comic, will not always be portrayed in the best light), turn back now. Everyone clear? Alright, cool.

    The premise is simple. The story revolves around Heavenly Wonders, a religious tourist trap located in the middle of the Mojave Desert, which boasts the largest cross in the entire world. We follow the lives of the people who work/reside there. The kicker that makes this place unique and interesting is that whenever one of the characters who works there dies under unnatural circumstances, they find themselves magically reborn three days later as if nothing ever happened. The main character is a man named Oscar Greenwood. Oscar arrived at Heavenly Wonders under mysterious circumstances with almost no memory of how he got there, where he was going, or where he came from. The story picks up five years after Oscar's arrival. He's adapted to life in the desert, taking up refuge in Heavenly Wonders' motel and doing odd jobs around the tourist trap to pay for room and board. Of course, things aren't quite as they seem at Heavenly Wonders and Oscar finds himself in increasingly strange situations that include, but are not limited to, run ins with the mob, being possessed, attempting to debunk a supposed miracle man, and trying to uncover the mysteries that surround this unassuming little place in the desert. And that's more or less the basis of the entire thing.

    Other characters include:
    Dan "God" Reuben - Heavenly Wonders' owner. Nicknamed God. Usually found sleeping in his office, unaware of the happenings around his business.
    Jesus "Jerry" Reuben - Dan's rebellious son (who he had the audacity to name Jesus). Jesus, or Jerry as he prefers to be called, has a deep rooted hatred for his father.
    Evelyn Reuben - Dan's wife. A woman addicted to killing herself.
    Buck Owens - A former employee at Heavenly Wonders who now spends his days terrorizing the place, always dressed in a rinky-dink Devil jumpsuit.
    Terry Courts - A former TV evangelist who now preaches at Heavenly Wonders after a scandal ruined his fame.
    And... well, a lot more.

    So far, I have the first issue halfway written and a basic idea of the first few story arcs. Now I just need a partner in crime to help me get the idea of the ground.

    If this sounds like something you'd be interested in or if you'd just like a bit more information, feel free to PM me or email me at [email protected]. Can't wait to hear from you guys.


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