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21 Journeys: A Cloudscape Comics Anthology

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  • [Hype!] 21 Journeys: A Cloudscape Comics Anthology

    21 Journeys is an extensive collection of stories all exploring the theme of travel, and with the cover is illustrated by Steve Rolston, famed artist of Ghost Projekt, Emiko Superstar, and King & Country. Every person has their own journey, each with its own story to tell.

    This anthology is a testament to the diversity and innovation of BC's comic book culture. The stories take the reader to all points of the globe, from wartime Germany to modern Uganda, from the tip of the Matterhorn to deep beneath the Gulf Stream, from the other side of the world to just down the street. Students, soldiers, and scientists; businessmen, teachers, and priests; people from every imaginable profession, each following their own path.

    A wide range of artistic styles and sensibilities comes together in this anthology, and each contributor brings their own artistic vision to their personal tale. “Futures of the Past” by alternative poet Ray Hsu and manga artist Chloe Chan is presented like it were the battered remnants of an old film reel, while Edison Yan's “Final Stretch” and Bevan Thomas and Reetta Linjama's “Flyaway” juxtaposes the lives of their protagonists with those of animals who are struggling to survive. Underground comics legend Colin Upton draws upon his own fascination with military history to produce “Volk,” in which two German soldiers in World War II must face their country crumbling around them, while Xeric grant-winner Jonathon Dalton in “Other Side of the World” places his own experiences teaching ESL in Taiwan into a story about a young woman teaching in the same country who yearns to return to her homeland.

    In some cases, the physical travel is small, such as “Turning Right on Cassady” by prominent American-Israeli comic artist Miriam Libicki, where an angry girl storms out of her house and soon finds herself in the wrong area of town, or “Of Death and Wandering” by Anise Shaw and Xeric grant-winner Wei Li, where a teacher takes one misstep into the road and gets hit by a car. But their emotional journey is no less complex than that within Amancay Nahuelpan-Bustamante's “Transit Passenger,” in which the narrator explores the entire world. Young Miriam must overcome her fear of being lost, the teacher must deal with a head injury that damages her ability to feel. In all cases, the characters' hopes and fears define their path, and they all seek for something.

    These and many more stories are found between the pages of 21 Journeys. 26 creators with 20 comic book tales, each its own adventure. The 21st journey is your own.

    21 Journeys is available for purchase at Cloudscape Comics in both physical and electronic form and at select comic shops and bookstores.

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