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UK digital production house is looking to contract one new graphic novel artist

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  • [Wanted ($)] UK digital production house is looking to contract one new graphic novel artist

    Help Create Voyage of the Dawn Star

    And be part of Wivern Digital’s first international Cr8 competition!

    If you...

    • Are a graphic novel artist with an existing portfolio
    • Don't consider yourself established on the scene yet
    • Like working with other creatives to develop worlds
    • Believe your art should be 'timeless'
    • Like E A Poe
    • Have a gothic style to your work
    • Have excellent mastery of light, colouring and shadow
    • Are good at drawing and shading characters and their expressions
    • Know what a cr8 is and that your selection will be based on this competition concept
    • Are prepared to be publicly praised by Wivern for good work (only if you want)
    • Are prepared to invest a number of months on a project to earn this praise
    • Want to be associated with the excellent work of current Wivern artists
    • Are prepared to go the extra mile for perfection
    • Are prepared to be interviewed by skype in you're are among the finalists

    ...then take a look at this < > and come back here if you like what you see, because we are looking to add one lucky artist to the Wivern eyrie in the months ahead to help create the following...

    If you click here, you will be taken to the opening chapter of Penelope – the first interactive app currently being developed by Wivern Digital. On page four you will see reference to a book called Voyage of the Dawn Star. In the final version of the Penelope app, the reader will be able to click this title and be taken to the app store to download the graphic novel to read. The Voyage of the Dawn Star is a short gothic tale of supernatural horror set on the high seas that we'd like one winning artist with a fine command of light, colour, facial expression and darkness to create. The script for the tale is about 9000 words.

    Since this is our first cr8, and we want to make it succeed by getting the best possible, we are offering a 50% split in net profit based on the Voyage of the Dawn Star app's sales to the winning creative. We would be looking to have the visuals completed by Feb 2012 but this is negotiable depending on the quality the winner is producing. As part of the contract you sign as the winning creative, you will be required to create and release some of your work as rewards to your sponsors who have contributed over a certain amount to the cr8 kitty (basically your kindly benefactors).

    Hang on, what's a cr8, you ask? Well...

    A cr8 is simply a concept designed for new and independent production houses to get the works of exceptionally talented but unsung artists into the app store and beyond.

    Very quickly, this is how our first cr8 will work:

    • On October 1, 2011, Wivern will open the cr8 on our partner crowdfunding website
    • The cr8 will stay open for 45 days allowing sponsors and well-wishers determine the winning artist’s advance.
    • During the same period, hopeful artists who match the criteria for the first cr8 can submit us links to their portfolio.
    • At the end of the 45 days, the cr8 closes and Wivern interviews the finalists via skype.
    • The winner is announced one week after the cr8’s closure and will then begin to work with Wivern to create The Voyage of the Dawn Star graphic novel app.

    Now for the good news! Our goal is to collect €2000 for the winning artist. If more than this is collected, the winner takes 10% of everything over this amount plus the €2000. The rest goes to make the base for the next cr8. So if your skill set doesn’t match the above criteria for the first cr8 BUT Wivern collects more than €2000 for the first winning artist, the cr8ing process starts again with the excess funds being used as the starting point to reward the next winning artist who might have a slightly different skill set. If you want more details about this, visit our CR8 page and view the FAQs section which explains what happens if we don't reach our €2000 target. Reward details for sponsors will be made available on the crowdfunding platform as of October 1, 2011.

    So, if you're cool with the basic concept and like what you’ve seen and read so far, please submit a link to your portfolio using our contact form between October 1 and November 14, 2011, then like the Wivern facebook page and encourage your community to help fund the cr8 kitty. Remember, if you win, you get all that is in the kitty up to the €2000 flush point and 10% of everything over it. What's left over the flush point (up to €2000 extra if we even get that far) goes back to form the base of the second cr8, with Wivern’s next cr8 skill set revealed within 24 hours of reaching the flush point. This way, even if your style doesn't suit the skill set criteria for first cr8, it may suit the second (hint - more in the direction of younger kids apps next time.)

    That's it. Good luck!

    PS - Just send a link to your work in the message field. We will reply to those who have a style that best matches the script. We don't need a letter at this stage. That is what the interview is for.

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    That's a long winded way to say that you're doing a digital comic that will be backend pay with some vague 'kickstarter like' scheme to maybe make some money upfront. No need to make it sound like it's much bigger than it really is.


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      Thanks for the comment Black Fish

      We want to make it clear for all those participating that yes, we are trying to generate an advance for the winning artist using a kickstarter like process ( is the German equivalent) from October 1 on. We too are testing it out to see what the response is, but feel that since we are new, more info at this stage is better than less.

      If anyone else has questions, comments, reservations or suggestions ahead of the actual comp commencement, please feel free to post them here. I will answer them!



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