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  • [Looking for Work] Comicbook Artist available

    I take 30$ per pencilled page (in case of covers and splash pages it doesn't go higher, it's always 30$). I edit my pages to give them an inked like look, so they are ready to color. This means that if you hire me as a penciller you don't need inker for the project. The inked look is achieved thanks to the fact that I do my pages very clean and tight lined so after the pages are finished it's just few editing actions to make them look like inked.

    - If you hire me for at least 20-page project, I will do all necessary concept artwork, character desings etc. for free
    - I do lettering on all my pages for free.

    10$ for a full body sketch
    More detailed artwork, with background, multiple characters etc - the price is a matter to discuss.

    Contact: [email protected]
    Yahoo MSN username: arucardpl

    To see how my pencilled "fake-inking pages" loook colored you can check one of webcomics I'm working on:

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    Some pin-ups:


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      Those drawings are impressive.


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