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  • [Wanted] Seeking Artists For Submission Pitches

    A Little Bit About Me...

    I've got a couple years of professional writing experience under my belt, having written/contributed to scripts for a number of mobile games based on popular licensed brands (Nickelodeon,Take-Two etc.) alongside some freelance game industry reporting.

    What The Pitches Are...

    Pitch 1: A science-fiction action series about a decorated special forces officer who is revived from the dead to do black/deniable ops jobs for the government. Tha’s all I can really say about it here, but it’s inspired by a few things, but most notably Quantum Leap, 24, and Doctor Who.

    Pitch 2: A superhero series with a little bit of a sports angle to it. The US's top superhero prospect is chosen to work in its worst city, despite his efforts to block it.

    Both pitches are currently in the treatment phase, but I wanted to start looking for artists on these ASAP for when it is time to get to work on production on the scripts. Once I have, the first five completed (pencils/inks) pages of the first issue is what you’d be drawing. No cover, in the interest of your time and what's mentioned below.

    What Type Of Art/Artists Am I Looking For?

    For this particular project, I don't have a particular look/style in mind for it just yet so anyone who thinks their style would work with the above description feel free to let me know.

    I'm also looking for someone who loves what they do, won't bail out, is fast, accountable, and has an open line of communication at all times as it pertains to this project since this would be a partnership in every sense of the word. Most importantly, they have a genuine interest in the pitch and want to get it out as soon as they can. If this were to get picked up somewhere, we'd naturally be communicating often so professionalism is a must.


    I'm generally looking to have these pitches completed, from concept sketches to final pages, in about one to two month's time. If additional time is needed for an unforeseen circumstance, let me know (see my whole thing on accountability in the previous paragraph). This is more of a guideline so I can get a sense of our work habits together.

    The Pay...

    As this is a back-end/spec submission, there is unfortunately no pay. If you're applying, again, please do so because of your genuine interest in the pitch and aspiration to be published. But know that I'll be doing everything I can on my end to get it to publishers for consideration once it's done. I've got contacts at a number of notable small publishers, so know your work wouldn't be hitting the slush pile.

    If it is picked up, we'd be doing a straight 50/50 split on character rights/profits for all issues worked on together.

    Still reading?

    Send a small summary about yourself along with links to samples of your work to [email protected].

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

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